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My name is Gravis. This is my personal website. I am interested in old computers more than new ones.

my articles

The bulk of my work is in a number of long-form articles I've written on a variety of subjects. Please check them out.


Vintage Gaming Laptop

My on-line diary (largely abandoned)

My Youtube channel about electronics & other things

My Twitch channel: Gravis Plays The Classics

Ruined Brands


Visual Subnets

SIP Ping

Misc. Programming

silly toys

arp goggles

zalgo (better)

ID Badge Generator

Eve Calendar


Achewood Assistant ?

Achewood means a lot to me and I read the entire archive periodically. I think you should too, so this is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that makes reading Achewood a little easier.

Left or right arrow keys will navigate to previous/next comic, and the alt text appears above and below the strip.


six mile hill ?

six mile hill is a band I found on mp3.com back in the early 2000s. they don't seem to exist anymore so I decided to preserve the songs I'd saved, which I felt were really pretty good.

cellophane sky
first song of summer

jaunt ? xm / mp3

I found this MP3 on another personal site back in 2003. many years later I found the .xm. it's always been a song that spoke to me.

NT 3.51 Executables

It turns out that a lot of the tools included with Windows NT 3.51 run fine even in Windows 10. I uploaded the ones that I tested that work and seem useful or fun.


I play a lot of really old Windows games on my retro streams, and whenever there's good jams on the midi soundtrack I upload the MIDIs here. Recommend a good soundfont.