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Vintage Gaming Laptop

My Youtube channel about electronics & woodworking



Visual Subnets

SIP Ping

not tools

arp goggles

zalgo (better)


Twitter Image Hider

This script is for looking at Twitter in public. It hides all the images.

Achewood Assistant

Achewood means a lot to me and I read the entire archive periodically. I think you should too, so this is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that makes reading Achewood a little easier.

Left or right arrow keys will navigate to previous/next comic, and the alt text appears above and below the strip.

Twitter 2017

This is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that implements Twitter's projected web client design for 2017, based on a leaked design document.

Twitter Design Doc Notes:
  • To avoid displaying content, only promoted tweets are displayed.
  • To prevent users from falling behind on important content, new promoted tweets are continuously added as they are created.
  • All user profile elements have been removed.
  • Users were sometimes separated from brands due to accidentally blocking, reporting or dismissing promoted tweets. Those features have been removed to prevent this type of mistake.
  • The Messages and Notifications sections were found to have nearly 0% content, and were removed.
  • All irrelevant options have been removed from the user menu, to allow users to focus on the most important social media tasks.
  • "Who to Follow" frequently contained non-branded content, and has been removed.
  • Irrelevant links have been removed from page footer.
  • We found that users sometimes log out. We have deactivated the Log Out button to prevent this type of mistake.


six mile hill

six mile hill is a band I found on back in the early 2000s. they don't seem to exist anymore so I decided to preserve the songs I'd saved, which I felt were really pretty good.

cellophane sky
first song of summer

jaunt xm / mp3

I found this MP3 on another personal site back in 2003. many years later I found the .xm. it's always been a song that spoke to me.