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Every screen mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 (1989) supported a ridiculous variety of video modes. I took a screenshot of every one that I was able to run in DOSbox. I wasn't able to run a few modes - the EGA monochrome doesn't work for reasons I don't understand, and I don't have an emulator with InColor support.

You'll need to view this on a desktop PC (not a phone) because I used an image map, but the links below will work on anything.


Here's links in case the image map doesn't work for you:
CGA composite
CGA on RGB monitor
CGA "LCD" mode
EGA 320x200
EGA 640x350
PS/2 16color
PS/2 256color
Tandy 1000
VGA 640x350
Tseng 4000 640x480
Tseng 4000 800x600
Tseng 4000 640x480 with 747 theme
VGA 640x400

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