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Roughly in reverse chronological order of original posting
This article is available in audio format Denotes an article for which I have recorded audio narration

Capturing / scaling retro video - Some notes on capturing and converting old video.

My Video Camera Collection - I collect vintage video cameras, camcorders and recorders.

The 8x14 Font Issue - Why some DOS software has corrupted text on modern graphics cards

Every screen mode of Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 - Just what it says.

TownsOS tour - A tour of several versions of TownsOS, the operating system of the FM Towns.

Emulating the FM Towns with Unz - The FM Towns was an unusual 386-based Japanese PC from the late 80s. Here is a thorough guide on emulating it.

This article is available in audio format Running DOS Apps on Windows - A review of the process and quirks of running DOS apps under Windows from version 1.0 to 95.

This article is available in audio format Compaq CDS524 - A profile of a 486 all-in-one machine from 1995.

This article is available in audio format Basics of PPP - A more-or-less layperson's introduction to PPP and the context in which it's used and why.

This article is available in audio format Setting up a Dialup Server in 2020 - General info, and specific guides, on the subject of setting up a dialup server so other computers can dial in to get internet service.

This article is available in audio format Dialup In The Age Of Broadband - A method to connect modems over VoIP to allow old computers to make actual dialup connections in the modern era

Windows Explorer Through The Ages - An off-the-cuff, surface impression of Explorer in every version of Windows.

OS/2 Virtualization Guide - Download premade VMs or learn how to install OS/2 on a virtual machine.

Getting Started with Solaris 2.6 - Download a premade VM or learn how to install Solaris on a virtual machine, as well as many interesting applications.

Skutch MoH Adapters - Skutch was a company that made one of the weirdest accessories for telephones that I've ever seen.

This article is available in audio format This article is available in video format KSUless Phones - I discovered a very strange kind of self-organizing PBX phone system that was popular for ages, is still sold, but almost nobody knows about.

SNES9x Netplay Crash Teardown - I spent a ton of time diagnosing a weird, weird bug in a forgotten part of SNES9x.

Bikeshares - I reviewed in summary the bikeshare services in Seattle. Update: I now consider these companies a pox on the human species.

This article is available in audio format ADHD - I fight a disease every day that is considered a joke by society.

On Trash Talk - A disjointed story about insulting our friends and loved ones

The Internet of Things - A Disaster For No Good Reason As much as I hate IoT, I consider this article largely incorrect and have deleted it.