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Installing Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 on qemu

Wed 03 April 2019 in miscretrocomputing, linuxLeave a comment

Collected notes and process on installing an ancient Linux for no good reason Continue reading »

PC to Apple II Joystick Adapter

Tue 02 April 2019 in miscretrocomputingLeave a comment

Adapting a PC joystick to the Apple IIc / IIgs is trivial if you have some basic components. Here are plans for doing so. Continue reading »


Mon 18 March 2019 in miscartLeave a comment

I drew several pictures in the Apple II app "Digital Paintbrush" Continue reading »

NUTS.WAD Death Distribution

Thu 13 December 2018 in miscvideogames, doomLeave a comment

I didn't want to put these in my previous post about NUTS.WAD but I did want to share them. These are the before and after locations of dead enemies after completing NUTS.WAD.

Nuking The Devil Infinity Times In NUTS.WAD

Thu 13 December 2018 in miscdoom, videogamesLeave a comment

I combined two of the most ridiculous mods I could find for Doom and transcended the physical plane, but by the time I reached heaven, the journey had drained my longing to touch God's face. Continue reading »

The Corsair Void Pro Wireless Is A Piece Of Shit, Probably Buy It |OR| Wireless PC Headset Buying Guide (Incomplete)

Fri 10 August 2018 in HardwareLeave a comment

I just bought these new headphones, I hate them to death, you should consider them. IGN 7.8/10 Continue reading »


Mon 06 August 2018 in Artc64, koalapainterLeave a comment

KoalaPainter offers no bezier tool (are you joking) but it does offer a "rays" tool so a lot of my doodles so far feature it. The attribute clash in this one is horrendous, i noticed it was happening and leaned into it.

Building a C64 power supply

Sat 04 August 2018 in Hardwarec64, retrocomputing, electronicsLeave a comment

C64 power supplies are way too expensive and if you have a couple particular skills you can just build your own. Continue reading »


Fri 03 August 2018 in Hardwareretrocomputing, ibm, iwantitLeave a comment

Apparently when the PCjr was still A Thing IBM tried to break into the Japanese market with something called the PC-JX. Continue reading »


Fri 03 August 2018 in Artc64art, koalapadLeave a comment

Making the FD-505 floppy drive work

Thu 02 August 2018 in Hardwarefloppies, msdos, pcLeave a comment

I recently had the devil of a time trying to get a 5.25" floppy drive to work in my late-model Pentium 3 Dell, so here's some notes on That. Continue reading »

How This Blog Works

Thu 02 August 2018 in SoftwaremetaLeave a comment

I rolled this blog from scratch because all the available options are hot garbage. I am proud of it and I want to tell you how much it sucks. Continue reading »

Koala Pad

Wed 01 August 2018 in Hardwarekoalapad, c64, pc, msdos, retrocomputing, artLeave a comment

A week or so ago I was on eBay and stumbled across a thing called a Koala Pad. I had seen and heard of these before - it's basically a graphics tablet from 1983 that came out for damn near every home computer platform. I had seen them for the C64 and Apple II, but this one caught my eye. Continue reading »


Wed 01 August 2018 in gravisaboutLeave a comment

This is my blog, about whatever Continue reading »