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Welcome to the Towns world! 

TownsOS playing a CD TownsOS V1.1

The Fujitsu FM Towns is a strange sort-of-PC made in Japan by Fujitsu starting in 1989. While they eventually ran Windows 3.1 and 95, initially they were basically PC-incompatible. Fujitsu created a custom GUI OS called TownsOS, which is essentially undocumented online, at least in English. I do not speak Japanese and I do not have access to much in the way of original literature to obtain context. However, I'd like to share this OS with you as far as I'm able with my limited understanding.

I will be using machine translation and experimentation to try to make sense of what I'm seeing, so please take every word of this as my best guess rather than an authoritative statement. I will also be speculating on how some things work on a technical level, but I have no ability to confirm any of this. This is purely for the sake of entertainment; please take it with a cup of salt.

I have currently only covered the V1.1 editions. V2.1 will come later.

Part 1: TownsOS V1.1 L10

Part 2: TownsOS V1.1 L10 - Demo Application

Part 3: TownsOS V1.1 L10 - TownsGEAR

Part 4: TownsOS V1.1 L20 & L30

Part 5: TownsOS V1.1 L20 - Applications

Part 6: TownsOS V1.1 L30 - Applications

Part 7: TownsOS V2.1 L10

Part 8: ...

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