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TownsOS Tour Part 2: V1.1 L10 - Demo Application

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TownsOS includes a demo application:

TownsOS Demo title screen

Each application shows off some of the Towns' capabilities

Towns Theater

Towns Theater plays a slideshow of photographs telling a narrative about a young Japanese couple and how, in some way, the Towns plays into their day, accompanied by pleasant city pop.


Towns Illusion

This is a demonstration of the Towns' graphical capabilities.

The movie is largely realtime rendered 3D, with a short segment made with psuedo-3D scaled sprites. You can watch the entire segment here on Youtube:

Towns Cocktail Lounge

This demo plays pleasant music while showing you some cocktail recipes.

Cocktail Lounge main menu Recipe for a sidecar

That's it.

Towns Graphic Introduction

I'm not 100% sure what's going on here. The program launches with a menu:

Towns Graphic Introduction menu Mode A

Over this, a Japanese voiceover seems to be explaining the Towns' capabilities. The three modes take you to slide shows with photos or drawings and more voiceover. Because I don't speak the language, I can't explain what any of this is trying to communicate.


Due to the language barrier I don't know what all of this is saying, but to be frank this seems like a fairly unconvincing demonstration. The pictures are pretty, the sound is nice, but given the late year and the capabilities of this machine, I would have expected something with a little more punch, more interactivity, maybe even a game. Perhaps Fujitsu packed in other software or games that they felt could fill out those roles.

Next, let's look at TownsGEAR, which attempts to make the machine more compelling, but doesn't do a great job in my opinion.

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