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My Video Camera Collection

I have been collecting video cameras for several years, pretty much limited to the standard-def era and going back to the earliest days of consumer video. My oldest video camera is from 1969, although it's not working as of this writing. I have a couple from the 70s, a ton from the 80s, a few from the 90s, and a couple from the 2000s.

My collection is split into a few categories, which are:

Consumer cameras: Video cameras sold to the general public that cannot record video on their own. If you don't know about this concept, watch my youtube video, "The Forgotten History of Home Video." In a nutshell, cameras and recorders used to be separate devices.

Consumer camcorders: Video cameras sold to the general public with built in recorders.

Professional video cameras / camcorders: Video cameras sold to businesses (both for internal use e.g. making training videos, or to broadcasters), some with built in recorders, some without.

Videotape recorders: Standalone video recorders meant for use with separate cameras.

Here are some important things you should know about my collection:

If this was interesting to you, or if you did something interesting with it, email me:

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