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My Video Camera Collection - Professional Cameras

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Professional cameras are meant to be used in a studio, or in the field with a portable recorder or satellite van for electronic newsgathering. The latter are generally known as ENG cameras, though I think they get used in both roles.

My cameras are all ENG, I think. I used to have a Hitachi studio camera but it was extremely large and extremely broken and I couldn't justify housing it.

Here's some up-front info so I don't have to repeat it per-device:

JVC KY-210 - 1985?

JVC KY-210 camera

I made a Youtube video about this one which has my detailed opinions.

I think this might be my oldest pro camera (no recorder.) It's a three sensor videotube camera, bright red, made of incredibly heavy aluminum casting. Everything about it is unreasonably heavy. It does have a shoulder mount (with a chest pad) but it wouldn't be a ton of fun to use. The microphone it came with is enormous and is built in to a heavy cast aluminum (what else) mount. The access covers for the various switches are heavy aluminum. The list goes on, you get it.

My specimen is nearly dead and barely functions. It probably needs an end to end recap.

Sony DXC-M3 - 1983?

Sony DXC-M3 camera

This is a fairly late three-tube camera (no recorder.) I'll write more about it the next time I have it out of storage.

Sony DXC-M7

Sony DXC-M7

DXC-M7 case DXC-M7 in case DXC-M7 viewfinder adjustment DXC-M7 front switches DXC-M7 side switches DXC-M7 audio controls DXC-M7 connectors DXC-M7 right side

This is a fairly early (I think) three-CCD camera (no recorder.) I'll write more about it the next time I have it out of storage.


JVC GY-DV550 camcorder

GX-DV550 controls GY-DV550 audio controls GY-DV550 play controls GY-DV550 front controls GY-DV550 output jacks GY-DV550 rear ports GY-DV550 CCU plug

This is a fully integrated camcorder that records on DV (full size - though, I think it might take mini DV? I can't recall) tape. I have a standalone viewfinder for this one, but I much prefer the 4" monitor that fits on the aluminum rail on top. Pretty sure the tape mechanism is broken.

Panasonic AG-DVC200

Panasonic AG-DVC200 camcorder

AG-DVC200 right side AG-DVC200 bottom AG-DVC200 viewfinder adjustment AG-DVC200 play controls AG-DVC200 side controls AG-DVC200 front controls AG-DVC200 rear ports

Pretty much the same as the JVC in all regards.

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