homepage of Gravis

My name is Gravis. This is my personal website. I am interested in old computers more than new ones.

Note: This website deliberately does not force you to HTTPS. This is so that you can browse from old computers, and also because there's nothing here that needs encryption (I am not a bank, last I checked.) If you're on a browser new enough to support HTTPS, but you aren't using it, you should see a big red warning above. Apply your own judgment.


I am also known as Cathode Ray Dude on Youtube.

Side Youtube

I do livestreams and miscellaneous crap on my side channel.


The bulk of my work on this site is in a number of long-form articles I've written on a variety of subjects. Please check them out.

Everything below this line is old crusty junk I made years ago.


Vintage Gaming Laptop

My on-line diary (largely abandoned)

Ruined Brands


Visual Subnets

SIP Ping

Misc. Programming

silly toys

arp goggles

zalgo (better)

ID Badge Generator

Eve Calendar


Achewood Assistant ?

Achewood means a lot to me and I read the entire archive periodically. I think you should too, so this is a Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script that makes reading Achewood a little easier.

Left or right arrow keys will navigate to previous/next comic, and the alt text appears above and below the strip.


six mile hill

six mile hill is a band I found on mp3.com back in the early 2000s. they don't seem to exist anymore so I decided to preserve the songs I'd saved, which I felt were really pretty good.

cellophane sky
first song of summer

jaunt xm / mp3

I found this MP3 on another personal site back in 2003. many years later I found the .xm. it's always been a song that spoke to me.

NT 3.51 Executables

It turns out that a lot of the tools included with Windows NT 3.51 run fine even in Windows 10. I uploaded the ones that I tested that work and seem useful or fun.


I play a lot of really old Windows games on my retro streams, and whenever there's good jams on the midi soundtrack I upload the MIDIs here. Recommend a good soundfont.