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Making the FD-505 floppy drive work

Thu 02 August 2018 in Hardwarefloppies, msdos, pcLeave a comment

I recently had the devil of a time trying to get a 5.25" floppy drive to work in my late-model Pentium 3 Dell, so here's some notes on That. Continue reading »

Koala Pad

Wed 01 August 2018 in Hardwarekoalapad, c64, pc, msdos, retrocomputing, artLeave a comment

A week or so ago I was on eBay and stumbled across a thing called a Koala Pad. I had seen and heard of these before - it's basically a graphics tablet from 1983 that came out for damn near every home computer platform. I had seen them for the C64 and Apple II, but this one caught my eye. Continue reading »