Computer Pro Grams

I do not do much in the way of programming etc. but what little I have done I try to share.


SIP Ping - A utility I wrote for VoIP diagnostics which sends SIP messages, calculates response time, tracks averages, and logs with absolute time and unique call IDs so you can do pinpoint diagnostics. Highly flexible. Arguably the only thing I've ever finished.

Static Gallery Generator - As the refrain goes, I was dissatisfied with the static image gallery generators available online and I made one that is dead simple. Unlike most of the others though, this is dead-dead simple. It doesn't even support templates, it just makes a gallery and if you want anything special you have to edit the code. Read for the instructions.

Traffic Department 2192 Scripts - I wrote some very dirty Python to extract the script from the 1993 videogame Traffic Department 2192 and make a readable copy of it.

Mouse Speed Fix - A utility I wrote to fix a bug in Windows 10 that caused the Enhance Pointer Precision setting to reenable on every startup.

DOSbox (8x14 Hack) - This is the components of a project I've been working on to reproduce a "flaw" in the EGA video emulation on mid-90s and later graphics cards. Read dosbox.txt for details.


Long Tweet Encoder - A perhaps not terribly practical experiment in encoding a lengthy message for use on e.g. twitter without storing anything you enter on my server.

Smooth Scroll To Anchor - A proof of concept demonstrating a method for enhancing HTML anchors with jquery. When you click a link to elsewhere in a page, the view will smoothly scroll to that location, then add the anchor in the URL. Pressing the back button will still work, because right before the new anchor is selected, the scroll position is rapidly returned to the original position. I believe it will degrade smoothly.